Returns an object array from a delimiter-separated string.

ObjCSV_ReturnDSVObjectArray(strCurrentDSVLine, strDelimiter = ",", strEncapsulator = """")


strCurrentDSVLine String to convert to an object array
strDelimiter (Optional) Field strDelimiter. One character, usually comma (default value) or tab.
strEncapsulator (Optional) Character (usualy double-quote) used in the CSV file to embed fields that include at least one of these special characters: line-breaks, field strDelimiters or the strEncapsulator character itself. In this last case, the strEncapsulator character must be doubled in the string. For example: "one ""quoted"" word". Double-quote by default.
blnTrim Remove extra spaces at beginning and end of array item. True by default for backward compatibility.


Returns an object array from a strDelimiter-separated string.


Based on ReturnDSVArray by DerRaphael (thanks for regex hard work).
See strDelimiter Seperated Values by DerRaphael (http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/post-203280.html#203280).