Scan a collection of objects, sort the collection on one or more field and return sorted collection. Standard AHK_L sort options are supported.

ObjCSV_SortCollection(objCollection, strSortFields [, strSortOptions = "", intProgressType = 0, strProgressText = ""])


objCollection Object containing an array of objects (or collection). Objects in the collection are associative arrays which contain a list key-value pairs. See ObjCSV_CSV2Collection returned value for details.
strSortFields Name(s) of the field(s) to use as sort criteria. To sort on more than one field, concatenate field names with the + character (e.g. "LastName+FirstName").
strSortOptions (Optional) Sorting options to apply to the sort command. A string of zero or more of the option letters (in any order, with optional spaces in between). Most frequently used are R (reverse order) and N (numeric sort). All AHK_L sort options are supported. See http://l.autohotkey.net/docs/commands/Sort.htm for more options. Empty by default.
intProgressType (Optional) If 1, a progress bar is displayed. If -1, -2 or -n, the part "n" of the status bar is updated with the progress in percentage. See also strProgressText below. By default, no progress bar or status (0).
strProgressText (Optional) Text to display in the progress bar or in the status bar. For status bar progress, the string "##" is replaced with the percentage of progress. See also intProgressType above. Empty by default.


This functions returns an object that contains the array (or collection) of objects of objCollection sorted on strSortFields. See ObjCSV_CSV2Collection returned value for details.