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FoldersPopup v4.2 beta testers wanted

I will soon release the interim version 4.2 of Folders Popup. But, before that, I would like to test these new features with the FP beta users group. If you are not already part of this group, please join in! This beta test phase should last one or two weeks. See download instructions at the end of this post.

What's new in v4.2

FoldersPopup v4 released with easier setup, custom icons, groups of folders...

Folders Popup v4 is here with brand new features and improvements. Thank you again to users for their suggestions and to beta testers for their help in making FP doing it right!

What's new

FoldersPopup v4 ready for beta test - testers wanted

The 4th generation of Folders Popup is on its way. I'm now ready to distribute a beta version and ask for your participation in making it bug-free. As usual, your comments and suggestions to make it an always greater tool are welcome!

The main addition of v4 is the brand new Group of folders menu (previously named "Switch"). As before, it makes it easy to switch to any folders currently open in an Explorer or a Directory Opus window. But, the menu now allows to save and restore groups of windows. Consider these two scenarios and you'll be convinced...

Folders Popup v3.3 now available in Swedish and Total Commander aware

Folders Popup is now available in Swedish language, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson.

Also, FP is now aware of Total Commander and offer a reliable and seamless support to TC windows ans tabs. More info here: Using Folders Popup with Total Commander.

New Windows-key shortcut for Folders Popup

windows-keyThanks to Horst Epp, I learned that the default shortcut Windows-K used in Folders Popup to open the popup menu is now used by Windows 8/8.1 (it was available until Windows 7). In the next FP major release (v4, to be released in a few weeks probably), I will change the default shortcut key. This will not affect current user since their shortcut key is registered in the folderspopup.ini file. But for FP new installations, the default will be changed to one of the only few shortcut keys left available by Microsoft.

In order to determine what should be the new shortcut, I'd like to have Folders Popup users opinion: please, answer this SURVEY.

Folders Popup compatible with Total Commander - Beta testers wanted

This post is outdated. Please read:

Using Folders Popup with Total Commander

Many, many thanks to all Total Commander users who participated to this beta test to help making Folders Popup working well with TC!

UPDATE (2014-11-02): There is a new beta test phase for Folders Popup v4: FoldersPopup v4 ready for beta test – testers wanted

Review: CSV Buddy - Edit CSV Files And Export Them To Other Formats

Even if I give paid it less attention in recent months, my CSV Buddy software continues to receive good reviews. Here's one that takes a bit as a tutorial: CSV Buddy: Edit CSV Files And Export Them To Other Formats (thanks to Rajat Sharma).

CSV Buddy: Edit CSV Files And Export Them To Other FormatsCSV Buddy is a useful and easy to use free software to edit CSV files and export them to other formats. It provides a hassle free way to edit your CSV files and save them to a variety of popular formats. With features like a simple tabbed interface, ability to handle extremely heavy CSV files (over 100 MB), and direct previews via Notepad, CSV Buddy is quite a solid application overall.


Folders Popup v3.2 now available in Korean and fully Directory Opus aware

Folders Popup is now available in Korean language, thanks to 엄일성 (Om Il-Sung, aka Dollnamul). To support this new language, the 32-bit version of Folders Popup is now distributed in with Unicode encoding (64-bit version has always been). Windows XP 32-bit users, let me know if experience problems with this version.

Folders Popup v3.2 fully "Directory Opus aware" - beta testers wanted

This post is outdated. Please read:

Using Folders Popup with Directory Opus

Beta testers wanted for Folders Popup v3.2

If you land here because you are testing Folders Popup beta v4, this is the wrong link :-(

Please go to this page:
FoldersPopup v4 ready for beta test – testers wanted

Release v3.2 of Folders Popup in now ready for beta tests. This release includes mainly additions that improve integration of FP with for Directory Opus (DOpus) version 11. Although, it is not freeware, DOpus is a remarkable file manager program that can replace Windows Explorer and proposes lots of features, including file compression and FTP capabilities. Take note that I'm not affiliated with the GPSoft (developers of Directory Opus) in any way. However, I'm thanking them for their support.

Regular Windows Explorer users will also find enhancements and bug fixes in this release.