I will be ready to release v3 of Folders Popup in the next weeks. There are many funny improvements that I would like to test with beta users before going live with it. I already have a dozen of testers but there is an opportunity now to grow this nice team :-) Please, send me an email if you are interested.

Popup Folders menu in v3

Popup Folders menu in v3

What's new in v3 beta:

  • support favorite documents as popup menu items (most wanted item in the wish-list)
  • add a "Document" radio button in the "Add favorite" and "Edit favorite" dialog boxes
  • add icons to favorites menus and submenus
  • add a menu icon size option in "Settings, Options", default size to 24 pixels (except 16 pixels on Windows XP)
  • reorder menu items in the Tray menu
  • validation that favorite folders and documents exist before launching it with proper error message
  • choice of color themes for Settings interface and menus
  • mouse or keyboard hotkey to open directly the recent folders list
  • various small improvements and small bug fixes

Also in this beta version, I removed the notion of "supported dialog boxes". Please read this post about supported dialog boxes if you want to know more about this change.


The version v3 BETA is now ready for beta test. Even if it has been well tested, you must understand that some bugs may still be present in the app. The goal of the beta testing is to uncover these last bugs. If you would like to join the beta test, please see the download link in the comments below.

Please report bugs by email at ahk@jeanlalonde.ca or on this web page.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE #2 (2014-08-29)

The beta test for Folders Popup v3 is now over.

Thank you ALL for your cooperation during this beta phase!

Please go to the official page for download and support.