csvbuddy-128x128I'm not very active on this blog. But I'm very active developing new features for my apps and interacting with users on my support pages (here and on Quick Access Popup website.

Yesterday, I released version 2.0 of CSV Buddy. There is a new "field-by-field" record editor. The old "full-screen" is still available if you prefer it.

See what's new in this release:

  • New Record editor dialog box with field-by-field edition (support up to 200 fields per row)
  • New "Options" tab to change setting values saved to the CSVBuddy.ini file
  • New option "Record editor" for choice of 1) "Full screen Editor" (legacy) or 2) "Field-by-field Editor" (new), default is 2
  • New option "Encapsulate all values" to always enclose saved values with the encapsulator character
  • Display a "Create" button on first tab to create a new file based on the Set header data
  • Remember the last folder where a file was loaded
  • Code signature with certificate from DigiCert
  • See history for v1.3.9 and v1.3.9.1 for details and bug fixes