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Using Folders Popup with Directory Opus

Folders Popup users asked for compatibility with Directory Opus, an impressive file manager program, written by GPSoftware, in Australia. Directory Opus (DOpus, for short) replace Windows Explorer and integrate lots of features, including file compression and FTP capabilities. Although, it is not freeware.

Version 2 of Folders Popup offers what I call "basic support" for DOpus. You can call FP popup menu using the Middle-Mouse button over DOpus windows and navigate to the selected folder inside the file list (called "listers"). You can also add the folder currently displayed in a lister to the popup menu using the “Add this Folder” menu.

In order to be able to open a folder in a new instance of DOpus (using Shift-Middle-Mouse button over any window), you need to enter the full path and name of the DOpus.exe file in the FoldersPopup.ini file under the DirectoryOpusPath entry, for example:

DirectoryOpusPath=C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe

Suggestions or bug reports about DOpus integration are welcomed in this thread.


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