Folders Popup v4 is here with brand new features and improvements. Thank you again to users for their suggestions and to beta testers for their help in making FP doing it right!

What's new


  • New standard installation tool with Install and Uninstall procedures.
  • Portable installation will always be possible.

More navigation options

  • New menu Current Folders to navigate to one of the folders already open in an Explorer window.
  • New menu Groups of Folders to save and restore groups of folders; groups are restored re-creating each Explorer window at its pre-defined size and location.
  • New Downloads folder added to the Special Folders menu.

Nicer menus

  • Custom favorite icons in a new dialog box where you can pick icons in any .EXE, .DLL or .ICO file.
  • Column breaks in popup menu offering another way to group your menu items (very cool!).

Various improvements and additions

  • System environment variables like %appdata%, %public%, %temp% or %userprofile% are now supported in favorite location (for example: %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates).
  • Default hotkeys changed to Windows-A and Shift-Windows-A.
  • Menu item added to the right-click Tray menu to open the FoldersPopup.ini file.
  • Option Open menu on taksbar (for compatibility with other utilities like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker).
  • Option to disable check for update at startup.
  • Space hotkey now accepted, allowing combinations with spacebar like Alt-Space.
  • Icon size 48 pixels added to the choice of icon sizes.
  • For Directory Opus users, option Use tabs to choose to open new folders in new tab (new default) or in a new lister.
  • Various small bug fixes.

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