qap-MASTER--512It took me more than one year and a half to take Folders Popup to the level of functionalities you know today. To take this app even further, I took the last five months to completely rewrite it. A lot has been done behind the scene to make the code easier to maintain and make evolve in the future. But, at its very first release, you will see a lot of new features in this app renamed Quick Access Popup:

  • a favorite settings windows easier to navigate
  • more flexibility in the customization of the popup menu
  • keyboard or mouse shortcuts for each individual favorite or submenu
  • new favorite options in a brand new dialog box to control how favorites are inserted in the popup menu or launched (window position, launch with, parameters, etc.)
  • a new FTP favorite type with support for login name and password
  • "one-click" to launch a group of favorites, with group management fully integrated with favorites settings
  • a new Power menu to edit favorites directly from the menu or copy favorites's location to clipboard
  • native custom file manager support (without the need for the FPconnect addon)
  • ... and still more to come!

Until Quick Access Popup is ready for public release, you can continue to use Folders Popup. Quick Access Popup will be delivered with a tool to import your Folders Popup favorites and options, making the transition straightforward.

And I continue to maintain Folders Popup. I will soon release a new version to provide better support for Windows 10.

But, if you have the time and the technical interest to give Quick Access Popup a try, provide valuable feedback or help uncover bugs, you are welcome to join the beta testers group. Just read the instructions and the usual beta test warnings and you will ready to download the latest beta version.

Thank you for your continuing support!