qap-MASTER--512In the last months, my programming time have been mostly dedicated to my new project: the development of Quick Access Popup (QAP), a complete rewrite of Folders Popup. In the last four months, I completely redesigned the internal architecture of the application. This, by itself, will not be visible by the Folders Popup users. But this new platform makes it easier to add new features and to build a more flexible tool to edit your popup menu and favorites.

If you want to know more about some of the new features coming up, please read this post on the QAP website.

In the mean time, I still do quick fixes or additions to Folders Popup. In the last releases (v5.1.1 and v5.1.2), I improved support for the Explorer extension Clover users, improved group load error management, fixed a bug with FPconnect and some minor label error fixes. More info in the Folders Popup page.