For long, Folders Popup users asked for compatibility with Total Commander, a very popular file manager program written by Christian Ghisler, in Switzerland. Total Commander (TC) replaces Windows Explorer and integrates lots of features, including file compression, FTP capabilities, folder syncing and much more.

Since v3.3, Folders Popup is aware of TC capabilities and utilizes them via TC internal commands to offer seamless and reliable integration.

Total Commander support

  • Automatic (but optional) enabling of Total Commander support if the software is found on your system.
  • Seamlessly change a TC window (any pane or tab) to user favorite folders, recent folders or special folders (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • Easily add the folder currently displayed in a TC window to you favorites with the Add this folder menu.

How-to enable Total Commander support

When you start it, Folders Popup checks if TC is installed on your computer (looking for the file TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE). If it is found, it asks if you wish to enable Total Commander integration. If you answer Yes, it records the TOTALCMD.EXE file path in the Settings, Options dialog box.

If TC is installed in a folder not found by Folders Popup, you can manually enable integration by browsing to your TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE file in the Options dialog box.

If you answered No to the start-up prompt, Folders Popup enters NO in the TC field in the Options dialog box. If you change your mind, you just have to browse to your TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE file to enable integration.

Total Commander and Folders Popup working hand in hand

For those new to Folders Popup, Folders Popup is a folder launcher. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. In a few words, here is summary of FP features:

  • All your favorite folders, documents and web pages at your finger tip – press the middle mouse button (or press Windows-K) *over* an Explorer window, a Total Commander window, a file dialog box or the desktop to popup your personalized favorites launcher.
  • If your mouse does not have a middle button, you can choose another trigger in the Options dialog box.
  • Hold the Shift key while pressing the mouse middle mouse button (or press Shift-Windows-K) to popup a new TC window or tab from any window.
  • The Special folders menu gives an easy access to Desktop, Document, Pictures, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Control Panel and Recycle Bin.
  • The Recent folders menu lists the recent folders memorized by Windows.
  • Choose the Folders Popup Settings menu or press Shift-Windows-F to edit your favorites menu.
  • You can also add the folder currently displayed in a TC window using the Add this Folder menu.

You will find more features description on the Folders Popup main page.

For FP users familiar with the Switch menu, this feature is not yet supported with TC and this menu is disabled the first time TC support is activated. But the Switch menu can be re-activated in the Options ("Display Switch menu") for TC users who also use Explorer windows. The Switch menu will be supported after a new command in Total Commander will allow to improve the integration in Folders Popup (work in progress).


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