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Source: herdProtect

Protection software block malware applications that could harm your PC. But, sometime, they can also make collateral damages and block legit software like Folders Popup.

To prevent bad programs to take control or infiltrate your PC, protection programs block application that try to execute given system level actions. There are two protection approaches.

  • Some protection programs block known malware and frequently update a blacklist database to catch these apps before they can do damage.
  • Other protection software have a more aggressive approach: they block any app that could cause damage based on various criteria. To allow good applications to work, they maintain a whitelist of trusted apps.

When Folders Popup try to change your current folder in Windows Explorer, it call a system level action that can be seen as suspicious by the more aggressive protection softwares. If this is your case, please see if you can approve (whitelist) Folders Popup in the configuration of your software. Also, you can probably go to your software website and report Folders Popup as a good app to add to the whitelist database. See the example in the comments below.

More about this issue in this post from another independent developer: Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers.

Needless to say - all these virus-related email messages that I receive every day are a big headache and require me to waste my time on answering/handling them, instead of adding new features to my utilities and updating my site. [ more... ]

At least, I know I'm not the only small developer facing this issue...

Please, if you have experience with protection software and Folders Popup, feel free to add a comment below to share it with other users.