If you land here because you are testing Folders Popup beta v4, this is the wrong link :-(

Please go to this page:
FoldersPopup v4 ready for beta test – testers wanted

Release v3.2 of Folders Popup in now ready for beta tests. This release includes mainly additions that improve integration of FP with for Directory Opus (DOpus) version 11. Although, it is not freeware, DOpus is a remarkable file manager program that can replace Windows Explorer and proposes lots of features, including file compression and FTP capabilities. Take note that I'm not affiliated with the GPSoft (developers of Directory Opus) in any way. However, I'm thanking them for their support.

Regular Windows Explorer users will also find enhancements and bug fixes in this release.

What's new in v3.2 beta:

  • For Directory Opus (DOpus) users:
    • At Folders Popup startup, prompt to activate DOpus support if the software is found on the system.
    • Navigate user folders and recent folders in DOpus listers reliably and seamlessly using internal commands.
    • Enable special folders menus (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.) in DOpus using built-in aliases.
    • The Switch Explorer menu combines in one menu the folders opened in Windows Explorer and listers in DOpus.
    • Use DOpus icons for listers in the Switch Explorer menu.
    • The Switch in dialog box menu proposes to open any folder opened in Windows Explorer or listers in DOpus.
    • Using the DOpus system command DOpusRt to change the current folder and gather information about listers for Switch Explorer or Add this folder menus.
    • Adapted support for special folders in DOpus (like search result windows).
  • [update: see Using Folders Popup with Directory Opus for more info about DOpus]

  • For all users:
    • New option to show the popup menu near the mouse pointer, in the active window or at a fix position
    • Prevent intermittent Windows bug showing an error message when building the Recent folders menu if an external drive has been removed.
    • Setting the Images and Recent folders special folders reading the Windows Registry to support Windows in any languages.
    • Fix a bug when showing special folders names in Switch menus.
    • Fix a bug when duplicate folders were found in Switch menus.
    • Prevent paths longer than 260 chars in Switch menus from causing an error.
    • Limit favorite menus name to 250 chars maximum in add/edit favorite dialog box.

Even if it has been well tested, you must understand that some bugs may still be present in the app. The goal of the beta testing is to uncover these last bugs. If you would like to join the beta test, please see the download link in the comments below.

Please report bugs by email at ahk@jeanlalonde.ca or on this web page.

Thanks in advance!

Previous beta testers: if you find a line LatestVersionSkipped=9.9.9 in the folderspopup.ini file, please delete it in order to be informed when there is a newer beta versions.

Please go to the official page for download and support on the latest stable release.

Stay tuned!
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