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MyTunesCovers early coverage

I am surprised by the web coverage received by MyTunesCovers after only a few days while the product is only in the alpha stage of development. That being said, the product in its current state appears to be stable and already meet the needs of iTunes users who want complete control over the covers of their library.

You can see these two MyTunesCovers reviews on I Love Free Software and SoftPedia where it gets five stars from the (2) users! :)

My Tunes Covers download, comments and support.

My Tunes Covers first ALPHA release

Be among the firsts to use this new app and help make it work the way it should. Download the app here. Suggestions and bug reports are much appreciated!

Even if this application has been well tested, you must understand that this is an unfinished product that may not always behave as expected. Before using this ALPHA version, make sure you have a recent backup of your library and music data. Also, in this ALPHA release, My Tunes Covers only process music files from your iTunes Library. But, in its final release, it will process MP3 files as well. If you do not use iTunes, please come back later when the MP3 component will be ready.

2014-03-18 v0.6 ALPHA

  • First alpha release
  • Browse iTunes library (if it is not running already, iTunes will be launched automatically when you startup My Tunes Covers)

My Tunes Covers download, comments and support.

Works in progress: MyTunesCovers

Some news from the programmer's workshop... I just released v1.2 of Folders Popup, thanks to some users suggestions. See the details on the support page.

Next release should be CSV Buddy with search-and-replace features. More to come on this in the next weeks.

For now, I'm returning to my new project: MyTunesCovers. This is a tool to manage iTunes and MP3 covers (artworks, as iTunes call them). I'm not yet ready to give more information on this but, when in its time, an Alpha release will allow interested users to give it a try. Let me know if you are interested.

UPDATE (2014-03-19): A description of the app and its first ALPHA release are now available here.