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ObjCSV Library v0.4 with improved file system error handling

Working on CSV Buddy, I found occasional file system errors occurring when saving files. These error were related to file locking not detected by my library ObjCSV. So, I stopped my QA on the "soon-to-be-released" version of CSV Buddy and switched my effort to improve ObjCSV error handling. This new version 0.4 of the library is now available on GitHub (raw source of ObjCSV.ahk).

This upgrade is recommended for data reliability. Compatibility issue: you will have to review your code only if you check the ErrorLevel codes returned by ObjCSV functions.

See the library online documentation for more info.

ObjCSV Library links, comments and support.

ObjCSV AutoHotkey Library v0.3.2

AutoHotkey_L (AHK) functions to load from CSV files, sort, display and save collections of records using the Object data type.

ObjCSV Library links, comments and support.