Version 5.1 is now available with two new languages and the addition of new improvements to get always more from Folders Popup:

New in release v5.1

  • New menu Copy a Favorite's Path or URL... and shortcut Shift-Control-C to copy a location to the Clipboard.
    • This option opens the popup menu where you can choose what favorite's location you want to transfer to the Clipboard.
    • A tip in the notification zone prompts you to select the favorite to copy.
    • A message in the notification zone confirms that the location has been copied to the Clipboard.
    • A new check box in Options (first tab) allow you to choose to display or not the Copy a Favorite's Path or URL... menu.
  • Two new languages!
    • Addition of Spanish translation, thanks to Kiketrucker.
    • Addition of Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Igor Ruckert.
  • Various improvements
    • Expand the relative path (like ../folder/) in favorite locations, based on the current working directory.
    • Sort URLs in the Clipboard menu.
    • Enable keyboard shortcuts even if Current folders, Groups of Folders and Clipboard menus are disabled.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix a bug causing an error when trying to show icon in the Clipboard menu when icons were not allowed.
    • In Change hotkey dialog box, make the selection of no hotkey (None) more obvious.
    • Fix a bug when adding folders using the drag-and-drop technique, these favorites being wrongly created as application favorites.
    • Various minor display and under-the-hood improvements.

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