Folders Popup lets you move like a breeze between your frequently used folders! All your favorite folders are at your finger tip: press the middle mouse button to popup your personalized menu. Add, reorder, remove or rename folders in the Settings window. Works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Explorer windows, File Dialog Boxes (Open, Save, etc.) and Console Window (CMD command prompt).

Folders Popup download, comments and support.

What's new (history)

2013-11-11 v0.9 (beta version)
  • First release of BETA version
  • Implemented startup option in tray and check4update, standardize dialog box titles, various text fixes
  • Renamed the app FoldersPopup, removed debugging code, prepare for compiler, removed external pictures
2013-11-11 v0.5 (last alpha version)
  • Implemented GuiAbout and GuiHelp, added About and Help to tray menu, tray tip displayed only 5 times
  • Removed file:/// protocol prefix, added support for ExploreWClass, implemented try/catch to Explore shell method, offer to add manually when add folder failed
2013-11-11 v0.4
  • Add settings hotkey to ini file (default Ctrl-Windows-F)
  • Enable Add This Window menu only in WIN_7/WIN_8 dialog boxes (not working in WIN_XP) and in Explorer windows (all versions)
  • Add GuiAddFolder and GuiAddDialog buttons commands, add AddThisFolder and AddThisDialog menus commands
2013-11-10 v0.3
  • Add NavigateConsole for console support (command prompt CMD)
  • Change .ini filename to new app name
2013-11-09 v0.2
  • Create language file, build gui, tray menu, popup folder menu and skeleton for front end buttons and commands
  • Create CanOpenFavorite condition for MButton with WindowIsAnExplorer, WindowIsDesktop and DialogIsSupported, AddThisDialog menu
  • Add SpecialFolders menu, OpenFavorite for Explorer and Desktop, NavigateExplorer
  • Add support for MS Office dialog boxes on WinXP (bosa_sdm_), open special folders in Explorer and Desktop
  • Implement NavigateDialog, add Desktop/Document/Pictures special folders, open it in dialog boxes, enable appropriate menus in popup menu
  • Renamed the app PopupFolders, isolate text into language variables, update GitHub and with v0.2
2013-11-05 v0.1
  • First release of ALPHA version
  • Initialize script, read ini file and create arrays for folders menu and supported dialog boxes