The 4th generation of Folders Popup is on its way. I'm now ready to distribute a beta version and ask for your participation in making it bug-free. As usual, your comments and suggestions to make it an always greater tool are welcome!

The main addition of v4 is the brand new Group of folders menu (previously named "Switch"). As before, it makes it easy to switch to any folders currently open in an Explorer or a Directory Opus window. But, the menu now allows to save and restore groups of windows. Consider these two scenarios and you'll be convinced...

  • You have to open the same four folders to do your daily report? Save this group with the Group of folders... Save this group menu and you'll be able to restore your reporting setup in a flash!
  • You need to reboot your PC but have five or six Explorer windows open you're not finished with? Save them and you'll be able to restore your work session in seconds!
"Group of folders" and "Save this group" menus

With the Group of folders... Save this group menu, you'll be able to memorize your work sessions in seconds!

"Save this group" dialog box

Save this group dialog box.

"Load a group" menu to restore the windows from a previous work session

With the Group of folders... Load a group menu, you'll be able to restore your work sessions in seconds!

Restored windows can replace the windows currently open or can be added to them. You decide it when you save the group. Currently, Explorer and Directory Opus windows are supported. Total Commander windows support is waiting for a new command in a future version of TC.

Now, consider this other scenario: you are in a Save As... dialog box and you need to access a folder that is already open in an Explorer or Directory Opus window. Simply open the Folders Popup menu in this dialog box and choose the target folder in the Group of folders menu. The dialog box will be taken to this folder immediately.

Finaly, not all users being comfortable installing a portable app, starting with v4, Folders Popup is be distributed in two flavors:

  • a standard install / uninstall procedure all users are familiar with;
  • and the usual portable version that can be executed right out of the zip file.

That's not all. See the complete list of new features or bug fixes in this new version.

What's new in v4

  • New standard installation tool
    • New setup procedure with standard Install / Uninstall procedures using Inno Setup.
    • Folders Popup will continue to be also distributed in a zip file for portable installation.
    • The Run at startup shortcut is adapted to start in the working directory created by the new setup procedure (for example, C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\FoldersPopup under Win 7+ or C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\FoldersPopup under XP) instead of the app's directory.
    • Create a unique environment code (mutex) to allow Inno Setup to detect if FP is running before uninstall or update it.
  • Groups of folders
    • Change Switch menu label to Group of folders.
    • List folders open in Windows Explorer or Directory Opus.
    • Open in dialog boxes any folder listed in the Group of folders menu.
    • Save and restore groups of folders to FoldersPopup.ini file.
    • Support special folders (Desktop, My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.) open in Explorer only.
  • Hotkeys
    • Changed default Folders Popup hotkeys Windows-K and Shift-Windows-K to Windows-A and Shift-Windows-A (Windows-K is a reserved shortcut in Windows 8.1).
    • Actual users config are not changed.
    • Fix a bug with labels when changing the hotkey for Recent folders menu and Settings windows
  • For Directory Opus users
    • Add the option Use tabs to choose to open new folders in new tab (new default) or in a new lister.

Guidelines for beta-testers: please, in addition to the new Group features, pay attention to the install and uninstall procedures, the new hotkey defaults and restoring default hotkeys. To test new default hotkeys, you will need to start with a fresh FoldersPopup.ini. For Directory Opus users, check the new "Use tabs" option. All these features were tested in my two environments but the more testing, the best!

Make sure you have a backup version of the FoldersPopup.ini file. This beta version has been well tested but remember that the goal of beta testing is precisely to uncover the last bugs.

You will find the links to download the beta version in the comments below. They will be updated with a description of changes for each beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here or by email at

Thanks in advance!