I will soon release the interim version 4.2 of Folders Popup. But, before that, I would like to test these new features with the FP beta users group. If you are not already part of this group, please join in! This beta test phase should last one or two weeks. See download instructions at the end of this post.

What's new in v4.2

Add custom special folders to your menu

Add custom special folders to your menu
(Someone with an English Windows could send me the same screen capture with all English names in the dropdown list?)

  • Select the position of new favorite in the Add Favorite window
    • A dropdown list in Add Favorite dialog box allows to select the position of the new favorites in the main menu or any submenu.
    • This time saver feature is also available with Add This Folder or when you drag and drop favorites to the Settings windows.
  • Custom Special Folders favorites (Windows 7 and more)
    • Build your own special folders menus from a list of more than 50 special folders, for example: Libraries, Recent items, Recycle Bin, Startup folder, History, Favorites, Quick Launch, Downloads, Cookies, Temporary files, etc.
    • Insert these custom special folders favorites in the main menu or in any submenu.
    • The majority of these special folders can be open in file dialog boxes.
    • Most Special Folders labels are read from your system in the language of your Windows version (others are -or will be- translated by the team of FP translators).
    • Special Folders menu names and icons can be customized.
    • When satisfied with your own custom special folders menus, you can disable the built-in menu (uncheck Display Menu: Special Folders in Options).
  • Universal File Managers Support with FPconnect (BETA TEST)
    • FPconnect is an universal file manager Folders Popup connector from Roland Toth.
    • This Folders Popup addon allows integration of any file manager that supports commandline navigation (in addition to Directory Opus and Total Commander that are already supported by Folders Popup).
    • FPconnect is automatically detected if installed under the Folders Popup program file folder. See installation instructions.
    • Depending on file manager's capabilities, favorites folders can be open in the current tab/window of the file manager, or in a new tab/window.
    • Also depending on file manager's capabilities, current version of Folders Popup offers only a limited support for Special Folders and no support for the following features: Add This Folder (folders have to be added using the Add Favorite dialog box), Current Folders and Groups of Folders.
    • Support for FreeCommander XE has been removed from FP. It is now available with greater flexibility via FPconnect.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
    • Fix a bug hiding system menus icons in main menu under Windows XP.
    • Fix bug when moving a favorite to another submenu.
    • Augment delay for slow drives when loading group of folders.
    • The FoldersPopup.exe files are now signed with the specific class name "JeanLalonde.ca".
    • The check for update query now sends info about FP version and OS info.
    • Language files updates.

Guidelines for beta-testers
Please, pay attention to the new custom Special Folders (see the Add Favorite dialog box). This feature has been well tested under Win 7, but not under Win 8. Literature says that Win 7 Special Folders are all supported under Win 8 but I would like this to be confirmed.

Also, for power users having their favorite non-Windows file manager (other than Directory Opus and Total Commander that are natively supported by FP) are invited to test the new FPconnect addon and give feedback to its author Roland Thot on his blog. Many thanks to Roland (nickname "tpr") for his very good work on this!

Make sure you have a backup version of the FoldersPopup.ini file. This beta version has been well tested but remember that the goal of beta testing is precisely to uncover the last bugs.

You will find the links to download the beta version in the comments below. They will be updated with a description of changes for each beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here or by email at ahk@jeanlalonde.ca. Thanks in advance.

And, finally, let me wish you an Happy New Year 2015! And full of popup bubbles from Champagne, if not from your computer :-)