Folders Popup Settings window with the resize pointerThis was a long awaited feature request: allow to resize the Settings window. And it is now almost ready for public release, after a few days of testing with beta users! Because of the windows management sensitivity, I prefer to run a beta phase for this feature before going public. I hope it will run OK on all supported plaftorms.

What's new in v4.3

  • Make the Settings window resizable and enable the Maximize button.
  • An option in Settings to determine if Settings window position and size are remembered.
  • Save Settings Gui size and position to ini file on quit.
  • Restore last Settings Gui size and position on load.
  • When saved maximized, restore the Settings window at default size and centered.
  • Prevent minimizing the settings window to avoid user forgetting to save settings.
  • Adjust hand mouse pointer when hover clickable controls.

Guidelines for beta-testers
Try to resize/maximize the window. Try quitting FP with Settings window in various locations and sizes. If you have dual screeen setup, try both. I had an issue with controls not being repositioned at load time. This is solved in my test environment but let me know if you see this occurring.

settings-resizedMake sure you have a backup version of the FoldersPopup.ini file. This beta version has been well tested but remember that the goal of beta testing is precisely to uncover the last bugs.

You will find the links to download the beta version in the comments below. They will be updated with a description of changes for each beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here or by email at Thanks in advance.