Clipboard submenu

Clipboard submenu

Version 5 is almost ready for public release. Beta testers are welcomed for pre-release testing.

What’s new in v5

  • New Application favorite type with new options for full control on application execution:
    • Parameters to pass to the application (arguments);
    • Start in to set application's working directory.
  • Clipboard submenu:
    • submenu with folders, documents, applications path(s) and URLs found in the Clipboard;
    • only existing folder, documents or application files are displayed in the submenu;
    • when the Clipboard does not contain path or URL, the previous submenu content is preserved;
    • when FP is launched, the Clipboard submenu is empty (disabled) as long as the Clipboard does not contain a path;
    • an option allows to determine if the Clipboard menu is shown (default is true).
  • Check for beta version updates:
    • check for beta versions updates at startup if user enables the Check for update option;
    • active only for users who ran a beta version previously.

Add an Application favorite

Add an Application favorite

Guidelines for beta-testers

Create Application favorites with various programs, using or not the parameters or start in options. Insert environment variables (like %temp%) in application path, arguments or working directory.

Check the Clipboard submenu content with various clipboard contents. To test the Clipboard menu with multiple paths, in the file manager, select and copy multiple files to the Clipboard (File, Copy or Ctrl-C). These files should show up in the Clipboard submenu. Launch these files or folders. There is no protection against clipboard with a very large text content. I've not notice a significant delay while the submenu is being refreshed (each time you popup the menu). Should I cancel refresh if the clipboard is larger than a given size?

Future developments on the Clipboard submenu include supporting URLs and parsing text or HTML code to extract URLs from it.

Make sure you have a backup version of the FoldersPopup.ini file. This beta version has been well tested but remember that the goal of beta testing is precisely to uncover the last bugs.

You will find the links to download the beta version in the comments below. They will be updated with a description of changes for each beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here or by email at Thanks in advance.