Version 5.1 is already on its way. This is a very early beta test. At this time, only one new feature is available for testing. But I will add some other features before releasing the final v5.1 in a few weeks. Beta testers are welcomed for testing right now.

What’s new in v5.1 (see details in comments section)

  • Paste favorite's location to clipboard or keyboard according to destination selected in Options
  • More to come...

Guidelines for beta-testers

Make sure you have a backup version of the FoldersPopup.ini file. This beta version has been well tested but remember that the goal of beta testing is precisely to uncover the last bugs.

You will find the links to download the beta version in the comments below. They will be updated with a description of changes for each beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here or by email at Thanks in advance.