I'm not sure if this discussion will be very successful in the middle of a so nice summer (at least here, in Canada :-) But lets try it...

If you used Folders Popup enough, you probably got at some point a special menu when you clicked the middle mouse button over a dialog box saying:

Dialog box not supported menu

Dialog box not supported menu

This means that the dialog box where you clicked is not known by FP. When this happens, you click “Add This Dialog Box to the supported list”. The name of this dialog box is then added to the “Supported dialog box” in Settings. But why should we care about supported dialog boxes in the first place? This is a question of interface philosophy.

One point of view: protect the user against himself

Folders Popup was designed with this approach in mind even before I begun adapting DirMenu (see software credits). The idea, here, is to make sure the FP popup menu is made available only in file dialog boxes where is can achieve its goal: changing the current folder in this dialog box. If the popup menu was called over an unsupported dialog box (for example, a "Preferences" dialog box), choosing a popup menu could produce unexpected effects. In reality, there is not that much at risk here. But an option or a value in the unsupported dialog box could be changed by the FP menu selected command.

The other point of view: trust the user

Another approach would be to make the FP popup menu available in any dialog box and trust that the user will invoke it only in dialog boxes where it can be used to change a folder. Users should not call this menu in an "Options" or "Preferences" dialog box. Except by error.

My point of view based on my experience developing Folders Popup

The idea in software design is generally to prevent users error by making risky command unavailable. But, in our case, the risk is relatively low. And, on the other hand, the mechanics to prevent errors is relatively important: checking the current dialog box against a list of supported windows, offering ways to add dialog boxes to the supported list, etc. And, from my experience, this whole process is not very easy to understand for first time users (one would say this could be improved by a more user-friendly interface - but this is another story ;-).

So, at this time, I would prefer the second option: removing the "supported dialog boxes" stuff and let the user invoke the popup menu only in appropriate dialog boxes.

What's your opinion on this? I can understand both positions. What's yours? Thanks for taking the time to jump in the discussion.