Stay up to date with your preferred software. Choose the technique that suits you best to receive email alerts or RSS notification when one of my software is updated.

I post on my blog general announcements and updates about major and minor software releases. You can subscribe to a feed that will let you know each time one of these updates is available. There is also a feed for comments posted on the app pages where users ask questions, suggestions or comments. I generally these comments to post announcement about bug fix releases.

Blog RSS Feed

RSS for major and minor release announcements


Comments RSS Feed

RSS for comments and bug fix release announcements

Major release is when there are significant additions or changes to the app. Then, I change the first digit of a version number (for exemple, "v2.0"). Minor release is for smaller improvements, when the second digit changes (as in "v2.1"). Finally, for bug fix releases, only the third digit of version number changes ("v1.2.3").

RSS Feeds

To stay informed, subscribe to these feeds. If you are new to RSS feeds, I recommend reading this RSS introduction. If you have to choose a feed reader, personally I use Netvibes.

Receive automatic updates via email

If you want to receive updates in your mailbox, use this powerful tool: (If-This-Then-That). Create an account with the address where you want to receive your alerts and create this “recipe” (it is very easy):

In the THIS page: click “Feed” (the orange icon like the one on the right of this page), choose “New feed item” with “Feed URL”:

In the THAT page: click “Email”, choose “Send me an email”. You don’t need to change the options. Just click “Create Action”. You will receive an email each time a post is created on my blog

To receive alerts when comments are added, in the THIS page, enter the “Feed URL”: